Thursday, July 10, 2008

F.A.Q. #1: What Price Images?

First up, Jackie writes, "Thank you guys, love this site. Is it possible to purchase a zip file or CD of the images of the cards? This is for personal use only and not to be distributed or displayed in any other form."

There are about a 101 legal reasons why this cannot be done, and a few dozen non-legal reasons. Keep in mind the site is really just a way to learn more about cards, and it's not a card image resource in any way, shape or form. It's not a business, and never will be.

Actually you can probably pay a kid to scan your own cards for you; reason being, scanning is not rocket science, doesn't require an MBA, or even a middle-school diploma. Then you'd really have something - scans of your own cards, not just some other guy's cards. You could load the images onto a flash drive and store it away from your home, so if your home is ever destroyed by fire, earthquake or flood, you can prove ownership of your card collection, etc. Showing them my cards wouldn't do I'm afraid.

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