Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cyber Museum Kudos

I'd just like to share some of the comments I just read recently, and thank you all for taking the time to send them.

Michael writes, "Baseball Card Cyber Museum: I love this site. I came across the link in the Strat-o-matic forum. I`ve spent hours looking at the cards and remembering my heroes from days past. Awesome site!"

James writes, "I`m launching a new Dodgers Fan site. It contains my own personal card collection. If you would like. I will post a link to your site from mine when it`s finished. here is the site."

Eric writes, "Hello! I`m looking for someone to come on my radio show during the All-Star break and talk about this site. If someone is interested, please get back to me. It is a wonderful site! Thank you. Eric at WDWs Radio, Champaign, IL." Wish I had seen this one at the time, that would have been fun.

Gregor writes, "Baseball Card Cyber Musuem: Thank you so much! It is great to see another avid fan of baseball cards! You bring back many lost memories! Thanks for the good times, I hope to return to your site many times! A pleasure, collecting (with a little help from my older brothers!) since 1959 - Gregor in Berlin, Germany."

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