Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Topps 1968 Baseball Set Completed

Today the last 98 cards from the 1968 Topps Baseball Set were added to the Baseball Card Gallery at the Card Cyber Museum.  All 598 cards can now be viewed, flipped and favorited.


62toppskid said...

Congratulations on completing this wonderful set!

I have a running membership with BBCM and love revisiting the cards of my youth.

What sets BBCM apart from looking at Baseball cards on other sights (ebay or even PSA Set Registry)is the importance you give to the back of the card. That is where we learn about the great and not so great players of years gone by.

Keep up the great job!!!! Let`s finish those other sets of the 50`s and 60`s!!!!

Joe McAnally said...

I'm with you there, without card backs, you only have half a card.

See the latest post for news on the 1967 set. The sixties sets will take some time, but it is doable.