Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Newsroom's "Pack of 6" Reimagined

Now, the Baseball Card Cyber Museum's "Pack of 6" (which heads up the list of posts) is more interactive, allowing you to 'open' the pack by clicking on the 'wrapper'.  There are six cards per pack you can click through one by one.  You can 'grab' the card to get a closer look; when you grab you can 'flip' the card (remember to 'drop' it to continue).  When you've seen all the cards you've 'pulled', you'll see a 'spread' button, which will spread the 6 cards out (remember to 'pile up' the cards to continue).  Rip open a fresh pack with just a mouse click on your browser's 'Reload/Refresh' button.

This interface idea was suggested two years ago by JohnC, and I just learned enough about jQuery to pull it off.  If I could charge a penny a card (for nostalgic purposes) I would, but it's a free service.  Suggestions are welcome - here's hoping you pull some good ones.

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