Sunday, January 31, 2010

F.A.Q. #5: Can I Keep Track Of My Collection On Your Site?

Eric writes, "Car you set up a website where: any collector can pay a monthly fee to YOU to be able to SECURELY keep track of his OWN collection in a cd-rom type `folder` and if he/she wants to see what cards he/she has, they can look up "Reggie Jackson Topps 1981 #459" and whamo, "YES, I HAVE THAT CARD" and they can also verify it by the picture. they can see a "stock photo" picture of the card and `fill in` how many they have, what condition etc. How does that sound to you?"

Sure, it's a good idea, but it changes what this site is about, which is a private collection that I wanted to share.  It also sounds like you're describing which allows you to set up your own cards using their database.  I'm not crazy about the way they display cards, or their images, but they were established from the beginning to let you input your own collection, and if you participate in their community you could request card display enhancements.

Also, if you are using Google image search, and you go to the trouble of keying "Reggie Jackson Topps 1981 #459" then whammo!  You will see that card.

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