Sunday, January 31, 2010

F.A.Q. #6: Why Am I Sometimes Redirected To Another Site?

Several visitors have written something like this, "After i enter my user id and password I am redirected to a spam prevention site (or a guitar site, or a guitar heroes site). Am I doing something wrong or is there trouble with the site?"

There are three likely possibilities.

1. The user and password were not entered exactly as given in the email. They are case-sensitive.

2. The URL in the browser has been changed somehow, and is invalid; that situation is always going to result in some kind of redirection. Since the site is hosted on a guitar site, sometimes a guitar page appears.

3. There is some temporary, or unique problem. In that case, please let me know through this Online Newsroom or the 'Comments' link on the Card Museum(s) main page.

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