Thursday, March 25, 2010

Newsroom's Daily "Pack of 6" Launched

The Pack of 6 is a periodic selection of cards for the Online Newsroom from the Card Cyber Museum fitting a theme, a team, a year, a player, a card type, or anything else anyone can think of. You'll find it at the top of the newsroom, and it allows you to rip open a fresh "Pack of 6" with just a mouse click on your 'Reload/Refresh' browser button.

If there was a way to charge a penny a card (for nostalgia purposes) I would, but it's a free feature.  You can even vote on  for future days' Packs of 6 in the Online Newsroom's sidebar. Suggestions welcome, and here's hoping you pull some good ones.


James B. Anama said...

This is awesome. Would it be possible to get one for my blog?


JayBee Anama

Joe McAnally said...

It's a possibility, what kind of results would you be looking for?

The problem I see making it generic was I had to hack the beginning of it to get it to look like a real post (date and title) since the program I wrote to deliver the results does not have access to the blog's fonts and colors and so forth)

If it didn't have to look like a post and could live in the sidebar or something, it might be easier to make something usable by different blogs.

JohnC said...

Hi Joe!!!

I love the idea of the pack of six!!

Would it be possible to instead of seeing the cards in two rows of three, they could be stacked on top of each other with a scan of the actual card wrapper on top. As you click on the card, the next card in the pack is shown and so on. Then they could be put in rows so we can keep track of what we collect. Because the cards are in random order, the possiblity of collecting doubles is there.

Maybe we could get a virtual "allowance" to purchase cards by the pack. How about 1,5 and 10 cent packs?

Maybe we can even trade our doubles with other members.