Friday, March 26, 2010

Topps 1962 Baseball Set Completed

Today the last 324 cards from the 1962 Topps Baseball Set were added to the Baseball Card Gallery at the Card Cyber Museum. All 598 cards can now be viewed, flipped and favorited.


JohnC said...

My all time favorite Topps set! Known to my brothers and I as "the brown cards", it was the first set of baseball cards that I collected.

I loved not only the design of the card and the almost cartoon like pictures (Gaylord Perry etc.) of some cards, but also the picture on the back was more serious than in other years. The only negative was too many portrait pictures.

Lifetime memories from that set include finding my first card on the pavement outside of a Sear`s store (Jim Kaat)in Jacksonville N.C. My dad taking the neighborhood kids to a little league complex (6 fields)and watching the two oldest kids spend all their money on 5 cent packs of cards. Nothing like seeing a pack fresh card for the first time. On vacation in Ma., my mother and aunt coming home from a shopping trip in Boston with a parachute figure from the TV series "Ripcord", a peppermint stick hot fudge sundae and a 29 cent pack of baseball cards for each of us!!!

Just rambling. sorry!

Joe McAnally said...

I remember that pack fresh feeling too, except for the card that either had gum dust on it, or the one that had subtle (or nasty) glue marks on it, being the last card on the bottom of the pack.

Is it my imagination, or are all the rookies, in particular, in 1962 either drawings, paintings, or 'cartoons'?

JohnC said...

Hi Joe!!

Those cards with the gum stains carried the smell of gum for a while. But they also became dust and dirt collectors.

Most of the 62 rookie cards are cartoonish, but wait until you post all of the 61 set. That set might have more, just look at Ray Rippelmeyer #276 and Bill Kunkel #322.

What is your opinion of portrait pictures compared to action shots?

Joe McAnally said...

I'm not an action shot fan, I like seeing the personality of the player, and the whimsy of a lot of the posed shots, especially as time passes. A lot of action shots you can't even tell the player from any other, the face isn't visible. I kind of like a 1:12 to 1:15 action shot to posed shot ration.