Sunday, August 8, 2010

Topps Heritage 2004 Baseball Set Added

The Topps Heritage 2004 Baseball set of 475 cards is now part of the Baseball Card Gallery at the Card Cyber Museum. The set is a tribute to the Topps 1955 set, but with modern-day players.


JohnC said...

Hi Joe!!

Thanks again for posting these Heritage sets!

I love the idea, but hate the fact that each set comes with it`s own short prints (remember the 7th Series in the 60`s?)that cost an arm and a leg even though they are not scarce.

It can cost $300-$400 to complete the set, not counting the high number set that comes out in November.

Looks like the BCCM is the place to go if I want to see the complete set.

Joe McAnally said...

The short prints were a very bad idea for sure. I really dislike the idea that the card company itself tries to enforce a built-in scarcity idea. That's just dirty pool in my book.